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Bakersfield Quality Plumbing Water Heater Services:

  • All Makes & Models of Water Heaters

  • Gas Water Heaters

  • Electric Water Heaters

  • Tankless Water Heaters

  • Bakersfield Quality Plumbing Plumbers are Fully Licensed & Bonded

  • Bakersfield Quality Plumbing offers FREE Estimates for Quotes on New Tankless Water Heaters

    When you call Bakersfield Quality  Plumbing to repair or replace your hot water heater, you can rest assured that we will:

  • Obtain all the proper permits and licenses

  • Get any needed inspections (especially important for those who are selling their home)

  • Haul away your old hot water heater and dispose of it properly

  • Properly hookup your water heater to gas or electricity, ensuring that it is done right

  • Give you peace of mind knowing that your family and home are protected from shoddy workmanship

  • Professional tankless water heater installation backed by years of experience

    Take the test below to learn if you should call the professionals at Bakersfield Quality Plumbing.

  • If you are experiencing any of the following problems, you should have the water heater inspected by a trained plumber.

  • No hot water

  • Slow hot water recovery after someone showers or uses a lot of hot water

  • Pilot light keeps going out on natural gas water heater

  • Lukewarm water

  • Popping or banging noise from inside the water heater

  • Smelly water when you turn on hot water at the tap or in the shower or bath

  • Leaking tank

  • If your water heater is 6 or more years in age

  • Water heater repairs can cost less if detected early

The Importance of Maintenance

We recommend a yearly draining of your water heater to ensure long life and proper performance. Without it scale and sediment build up and cause the water heater to under perform or fail; consequently, all of your laundry, dishes in the dishwasher, your baths or showers, are tainted with this scale and sediment.

Our plumbing maintenance program, available to Bakersfield Quality Plumbing members,  includes an annual “draining” of the tank which prevents sediment and other buildup that will cost you more in energy use over time and shorten the life of your water heater. This also includes inspection of the anode rod, which is a metal rod inside the tank that sacrifices itself to save your tank. Instead of your tank rusting out, your anode rod deteriorates due to an electrolytic process. Many Bakersfield home and business owners save money on water heater repairs with their Bakersfield Quality Plumbing membership. All the benefits of membership for only $126 per year

Interested in switching to a tankless water heater?

Why You should choose a Tankless Water Heater:

  • Endless Hot Water:
    A Tankless Water Heater provides you with on-demand hot water when you need it, unlike traditional Tank Water Heaters which limit how much hot water you get until it has to reheat more. When combined with a Hot Water Recirculation Pump, you can minimize the delay between opening the tap and getting hot water from a Tankless Water Heater.

  • Lower Utility Bills:
    On average, a Tankless Water Heater uses 10-20% less energy since the water is only heated when needed. A family can save an average of $175 annually in energy costs by using a Tankless Water Heater instead of a conventional model.

  • Space Savings:
    Tankless Water Heaters are smaller and compact than conventional Tank Water Heaters and take up a lot less room in your home. A tankless unit hangs right on the wall, and out of the way. There are also external models that are serviced from the outside of your home, saving you even more space.

  • Longer Lasting:
    The traditional lifespan of a Tank Water Heater is about 10 to 12 years, while a Tankless Water Heater can last up to 25 years or longer, with proper maintenance.

  • Cleaner Water:
    Over the years traditional Tank Water Heaters can start to rust and build-up scale inside the tank, which is where your hot water is being stored for use. To prolong the life of your tank water heater, the tank must be drained and the sediment removed. Tankless Water Heaters pass the water through a series of heated coils minimizing sediment build-up.

  • High Volume:
    Tankless water heaters can handle the demands of any size household, no matter how large. This means if you require multiple units, you can add as many as you need and still enjoy all the energy saving benefits and on-demand hot water benefits of tankless technology. Ask us about how to determine the number of tankless units needed for your home.

Bath/Plumbing Fixture Installation

Have toilets, sinks, and faucets professionally installed or repaired by one of our highly trained and licensed plumbers.

Kitchen Plumbing needs
Have your garbage disposal, faucets, sinks professionally installed or repaired by one of our highly trained and licensed plumbers.

 Garbage Disposal Repair and    Installation

The garbage disposal is one of the most used machines in the home. Due to heavy use, and water hardness, it’s common for issues to arise. Since most of us don’t have the time or the necessary skills needed to fix a garbage disposal on our own, it’s good to know there are professionals that can help!

Common Garbage Disposal Repair Issues

Stuck Object
This can range from a piece of silverware to a fibrous piece of food.  First, do not try to remove the object if it is sufficiently jammed! Second, unplug the disposal. Contact an Bakersfield Quality plumber to remove the foreign item.

These can originate from a variety of things, including congealed grease, fibrous tissue, dirt, etc. Regardless of the reason, it’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Please contact an Bakersfield Quality plumber to clean out the clog. Our plumbers will use products that are safe for your drains. Additionally, it may be necessary to clean out the P trap, and if the clog is severe, the line may need to be snaked.

When your disposal is overloaded it has a feature that automatically shuts it off. This happens to prevent the machine from getting too hot. You can try hitting the reset button; however, if this doesn’t work, then you will need to contact an Bakersfield Quality plumber. The garbage disposal may require some electrical work.
Call us today at 661-808-8420 for garbage disposal repair.


Garbage Disposal Installation

One of the most important machines in your kitchen is located just within the sink. Garbage disposals in homes are so ubiquitous, that one can’t think of doing without the device.

If you are in need of a garbage disposal installation / replacement, call the plumbing experts at Bakersfield Quality Plumbing. We provide state of the art garbage disposals that will “chew” up even the most fibrous foods.

Contact us today for a garbage disposal installation.



Water Softening, Carbon Water Filtration & Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Solutions

Water Treatment Solutions For Bakersfield Homes

Even if municipal water treatment plants do a pretty good job of providing clean water coming from the plant, there can still be some (or a lot) of impurities that can gather before reaching your home. These impurities can cause pipes to become brittle, cause clogs, and make your plumbing system inefficient or leaky. In-home water filtration can solve many of the problems and concerns Bakersfield homeowners have with water quality.
Bakersfield Quality Plumbing now offers, Whole-House Carbon Water Filtration PLUS Water Softening giving you the best possible option for clean water you, bathe, shower and do laundry in. Plus your appliances will last so much longer. 

The first step is to determine the combination of impurities in the water, like pesticides, minerals or metals, and chemicals.  Since water treatment plants use chemicals to clean the water, the chemicals they use can interact with organic materials in the water and create by-products, which can be unhealthy to consume. Physical damage to pipes such as water main breaks can introduce additional pesticides, chemicals and contaminants.

Water treatment tests can be performed by your professional Bakersfield Quality plumber to determine which impurities are causing a specific problem. Another contributing factor is the water source.  Municipality managed water treatment plant treat the water. Many plumbing service providers will test city-managed water for little or no cost. Well water has little filtration and no chemical treatment. It may also contain higher amounts of chemicals, pesticides and minerals. Testing well water may require more extensive tests and additional costs.

Well water is particularly susceptible to contamination because it is not treated chemically or thoroughly filtered.  These chemicals, metals and minerals can be unhealthy by themselves. They can also interact with pipes leading from the water treatment plant and the pipes in your home and interact with each other to create unhealthy by-products.

Some of the contaminants that may be found in your water (especially well water) include:

  • Aluminum, which has been associated with impaired brain function

  • Arsenic, which in high concentrations is a known carcinogen and linked to circulatory damage

  • Barium, which can contribute to high blood pressure

  • Beryllium, which is a probable carcinogen and toxic chemical

  • Cadmium, which has been associated with kidney disease

  • Chromium, which can damage the liver, kidney and nervous system

  • Copper, which can cause stomach irritation

  • Lead, which some believe to cause brain and kidney damage and is particularly harmful to children

  • Lithium, which can cause diarrhea, nausea and kidney damage

  • Manganese, which can be toxic to expectant mothers and younger children

  • Thallium, which is believed to cause hair loss and damage the intestinal tract kidneys and liver

  • Zinc, which can lead to anemia

  • Pesticides and herbicides, which have leached into groundwater and are known to contain countless hazardous chemicals


  • While it’s true that most of the health risks caused by these substances are the result of prolonged exposure to high levels of them, consuming any amount of these substances is not ideal. Most people want provide their family with the highest quality water possible. One of the best ways to remove impurities from your water is a carbon water filtration system.

  • Since there are several types of water treatment issues, there are different solutions. One of the first steps to solving water treatment issues is water filtration. Water filtration systems are designed to remove various contaminants from the water. This filtration can occur as the water enters the home, as in whole house filtration systems or it can occur at the point of use, like a kitchen faucet water filter.

  • Removing impurities is important to the efficiency and reliability of the plumbing system as well as the overall health of the occupants of the home. Filtered water has no odor and taste great. Better tasting water promotes more water consumption.  Whole house water filtration systems have the added benefit of treating all the water coming into the house. Water used for showers, cooking, and laundry are free of impurities as well as the drinking water. Water is absorbed by the skin and lungs and water impurities may cause skin irritation or increase breathing problems.

  • To eliminate many water quality issues, Bakersfield Quality Plumbing recommends whole house water filtration to remove contaminants and chemicals in your homes plumbing system. Whole house water filters are different from water softeners. Water filters may not eliminate scale build-up, but they will reduce many kinds of contaminants.  If the water in your home is cloudy, smells or tastes bad, or irritates your skin, then a whole house water filtration system should solve your problem. A filtration system can last for many years and it doesn’t need maintenance.

    Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filtration Products 

Our reverse osmosis drinking water system installed at point-of-use in your home has five stages of filtration ensuring fresh, clean tasting drinking water. Impurities are removed and contaminants are reduced, benefiting your life in every way possible.
Here’s what the Reverse Osmosis can do:

  • Improves taste

  • Delivers extremely high-quality water by removing unwanted impurities

  • Produces bottled-water quality straight from the tap

  • Ensures advanced water quality compared to pour-through pitchers or faucet filters

Cost effective

Get extremely high-quality water at the most economical cost for point- of-use applications. For a family of four, the Reverse Osmosis drinking system produces ultra clean water for approximately $0.25 per day.

The White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection for Bakersfield Residents
The White Glove Health & Safety Plumbing Inspection covers over 100 items in the typical home plumbing system. It is a FREE service with an Bakersfield Quality Membership (a $200 value). You don’t have to do a thing! We’ll remind you when it’s time for your annual plumbing inspection. There is no easier way to keep your home’s plumbing system operating at peak performance.

Here’s what it covers:

  • All toilets within the home are checked for leaks and smooth operation. We make any needed adjustments FREE!

  • All home faucets are put through a rigid “performance test.” Any needed adjustments are FREE!

  • All exposed water lines are checked for leaks or damage.

  • All piping under faucets and sinks are checked for leaks or damage.

  • All drains are checked for leaks and clogs. This alone can save you trouble and expenses by preventing a nasty plumbing backup.

  • Washing machine hoses and lines are checked for leaks or clogs (this is where most leaks occur in the home).

  • Water heaters are checked for any signs of leaks, corrosion, or damage. All gas lines need to be inspected as well if applicable. Since a water heater is a point of many leaks in the home, this will give you peace of mind and ensure that your family has a continuous supply of hot water. If the water heater has a drain valve, we’ll drain and flush it to keep it operating at peak performance. Draining a water heater extend its life.

  • All Bathroom shower & Tub plumbing is inspected for leaks and damage.

Our professionally-trained, background-checked, and licensed plumbers will gladly answer any questions you have about your home’s plumbing system.

Apply for an Bakersfield Quality membership or call           661-808-8420.

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